New life in Toronto

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cavalcade of Lights sets Toronto

Canada is a fesitival county, evey month they have many kinds of fesitivals. Everything is exciting for me. On saturday I visited cityhall where has many performance like concerts, fireworks, and lighting that time. Even though it was cold and freezing, it didn't matter.
Immersion" – a projection showNew this year, French artist Xavier de Richemont illuminates Old City Hall, one of Toronto’s most prominent buildings, with a 15 minute light show choreographed to music. It was absolutely gorgeous. I think the old cityhall is more beautiful than the new cityhall. Next time I will go to there again at daytime. My friend is goint to coming here next month, I will bring my friend to there. She will like Toronto like me. I'm looking forward to seeing her in here!!!!!!!!! I'm very happy to find new fesitival and plece to visit every weekend.!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Listening Journal #4 -Public Education in classroom

The topic of this program is about public education and the issues facing today's teachers and students in the classroom. There were 5 guests who are experts in educatio, Reginald Ballard, principal of Cardozo Highschool, Kathy Buzad, Assistant Director of Educational Issues at the American Federation of Teachers, Kristy Fischer of Luxmanor Elementary school, Shari Beth Sternberh of Hyattsville Elementary school, and Thomas Toch, Co-Director of Education Sector.

First, they discussed how the school has been changed and what the big difference is compared to before. They mentioned technology, ike computer and internet, has good effects to students and teacher. It gives a lot of open-chances accessing new things and is helful to create new teaching styles. However, it can be barrier between students because some children don't have opportunities to use that.
Second, they argued what the frustration in classroom compared to before. Creativity and innovation in teaching are neccessary in classroom, but nowadays the teachers only focus on testing students' scores which is related to standards. They insisted that teachers have to get abilities to innovate their teaching and class. The ideal idea of teaching keeps the balance between innovation and testing.
Third, their topic was the proper class size, all of guests agreed that small class which inclues only under 20 peopel, is ideal. As it is easy to communicate with students, and they can understand a personal level.
At last, they mentioned inducting and mentoring. Teacher is an isolated jod, normally they can't connect with others. On the other hand, teachers also need to be more professional. In order to be professional, it's better to induct experts in school and work together with teachers.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Impression In YUELI

The test day, I was suprised about this school so big, crowed and similar to my university, Of couse, this school is bigger than my school. Anyway, before studying here, I studied just privete school. I wanted to learn English different ways because privete schools are almost same. I expected to learn English by different way. I think my choice is right. Here focuses on writing and reading which are my weakness, it's gonna helping to improv my English skill. Doing homework is very hard and takes long time, but after finishing my job I'm very satisfied with that even though that's not perfect and good. Life in YUELI reminds for my university, so I sometime want to go to my university and study with my friends.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

LISTENING JOURNAL #2 - Home schooling

News :

I watched a short news which was given about home shooling what the dabating points are about homeshooling. Now in America, around 2million students are doing home shooling instead of public school.
Home schooling teacher said that it is more spiritual character training, thus publi c teachers have doubted the parents' qulification. They told some cases that some parents failed or gave up teaching and then their kids returened the public shool. It means they have a lack of academic skill. However, one chart showed us an interesting result that in Acadamic performance standardized tests home schooling students got 15-30% higher scores than the others.
2nd dabating points is social relationship. The public teacher asked how they can help their social life. Because stdying in home means the kids can't make many friedns comared to kids who study in public school. The parents indicated if they study in school, they will meet just same age, so it can't be helpful for therie real life. However, it's their opinion they can make peers and adults though volunteering and activites in real life.
In spite of those points, home schooling has been increasing since 1999.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

LISTENING JOURNAL #1 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula is 30and works in her father's restaurant as a waitress. She hasn't gotten married yet so family is worried about that, especially her father. Normally Greek people think getting married earlier and having a baby are very important in life. Her father is very strict and proud of their Greek culture. He reinforces her to be married to a Greek man and not to leave him.

Oneday one hansome and attractive man appeared in her life whose name is Ian, after then, she tried to find real life. The first step was going to the college and studying another major, and the second step was finding another job which is and assistant in her aunt's travel agency. In addition she started to be intersted in beauty. While she was working, she saw the man who had visitied her restaurant before. They saw each other out of the blue. From that time, their love was started but she was worried about how to tell to her family because he is not Greek.

One day, one of family menbers discovered them kissing in the car, finally the whole family knew that she has a boyfriend who isn't from Greece. Her father, of course, disagreed with her dating him. But nothing disturbed their love, they decided to get married. They are very different, for example lifestyle, background and language. Greek People consider doing everything, living and spending time with their family. On the other hand, Ian is an only child has just too cousins.

When Ian's parents visited Toula's home they were shocked that there were a lot of family menbers, are loud and vivacious and opposite of them. After the party, her father complained that they were totally different from Greek and regreted having allowed her marriage. She didn't understand her father. She thought that he is stubborn. Inspite of his disagreement, Ian tried to be getting used to being Greek so he was baptized a Catholic as her parents wanted them to get married in their church and spent a lot of time with her family. Toula appreciated his efforts. Little by little, Toula's father also changed his mind after seeing what he had done for her and their family.

Finally, they succeed in marriage. She noticed that her father is not stubborn just wants his family to be happy. Before marriage, she had tried to escape from her family but after marriage she is satisfied with staying in her family.

* new words : stubborn work-out woe is me kidnapping xeno

Thursday, November 02, 2006

About me!!!!

I'm from South of Korea. my hometown is Incheon which is pretty big city in Korea. I 've lived in Incheon for my whole life. I'm university student whose first major is Education and second major is English literature. In the future I want to be a teacher that's why I came here. My families members are father, mother, 3 older sisters, 2 brothers- in -law, me and lovely nephew. Coming Canada is my second time. In January, I visited Kelowna is countryside and has beautiful views and nature. At that time I joined kids English Camp as a assistant. It was my second trip to go aboard. When I had to transfer the airplane from Vancouver to Kelowna, I missed two airplanes because of interview. Finally I took the airplane very lately. From that time, I'm worried about taking an airplne. haha Second Cadada trip was Montreal. Montreal is very exicting, fun and beautiful. There are a lot of parades and fesitivals in summer time. If you have a chance to travel Canada, I recommend your visiting Montreal!!!